Image description: redhead wearing a turquoise tile printed dress and black cardigan is photographed from the waist up. She has her hand in her hair and looks down in the image, smiling. Dress by May Designs. Photography by Ashton Kelley Photography.

Hi friends! Well, I hope we’ll be friends or at least acquaintances.

Welcome to my little corner of the internet.

See, I started this blog a long time ago when I started feeling like I should start saying some of the stuff I was feeling about the state of the world and our country today – especially as a Deaf, chronically ill, and disabled person. But if I’m honest with you, I’ve always been really worried about what people think of me and I struggle a lot with feeling like I don’t belong anywhere.

So instead, over the last year, I have been writing more serious things and working with an editor to get my feels out in the world. We have battled that demon of imposter syndrome and we put him to rest (in a sense).

Also, over the last few months, I have been reminded that I can’t do this life thing on my own. My body continued to fail me in one sense or another, and it took finding a physical therapist out of network to begin to get help. And then, immediately after my last birthday, I began the search for a therapist or counselor again. That’s a story for another day, but I am getting help and support from both the medical community – in a partnership for once – and from my immediate very small support network.

So now that I am working on myself, I am hoping and hopeful that I will have the emotional bandwidth to begin to talk about life again. Both about life as a Deaf person with a Deaf partner. And life as a disabled and chronically ill person who has to constantly challenge the systems of ableism and audism that are set up all around us.

I promise I don’t just write about social justice though! Feel free to check in for lots of other fun content – from training my puppy, to organizing my home, to workouts and body acceptance, and finally to lots of yummy recipes.

Thank you for being here. I appreciate you and I am looking forward to this community.

❤ Always, J.

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