Month: February 2017


Hi there!

Welcome to my lifestyle blog. I know, lifestyle is … well, it’s so many things. But here I will be writing about what it’s like to live as a Deaf, chronically ill, and disabled woman in a mostly hearing world.

My partner is also Deaf, so sometimes we luck out and we get to do things with other Deaf people – and that’s where we are most comfortable and most ourselves.

In addition, I am from Colorado. I lived there for almost thirty years, and the sunshine, mountain air, outdoors nature, and frankly, privilege is a huge part of my background. Now that I live in Baltimore, I am working hard to learn and unlearn all kinds of things about being a white person in a community that is much more diverse.

I am a yoga teacher, freelance writer, and home manager in my day to day.

Check here for topics to include: Accessibility, Deaf life, Community building, History, possible justice/law topics, body positivity/neutrality, fashion, pets, travel, and recipes!